Countries Switzerland & Italy
From Brig
To Roledo
Length 61,3km
Highest elevation 2.094m
Lowest elevation 300m
The Simplon Pass (Simplonpass; Passo del Sempione) sits at an altitude of 2,005 m (6,578 ft.) above sea level and can found in Valais, Switzerland between the Pennine Alps and the Lepontine Alps. This high mountain pass links Brig in the canton of Valais with Domodossola in Piedmont in Italy and hosts a series of labyrinth-like serpentines and avalanche passageways - making this the ideal thrill ride motorcyclists. The ascension up this pass takes those driving into the quaint little town of Gabi, which hosts a spectacular view and delicious local cuisine. The Bernese Alps can also be seen during the drive over the pass and is said to host the most indescribable view. Domodossola and Varzo are 2 if the most common routes to take to reach the summit and due to the width of the road - this pass has very little traffic. The Simplon pass is available for travel all year around.
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