San Bernardino Pass

Country Switzerland
From San Bernardino
To Hinterrhein
Length 16,7km
Highest elevation 2.067m
Lowest elevation 1.611m
The San Bernardino Pass (Passo del San Bernardino; Bernhardinpass) is a great mountain pass in the Swiss Alps of Graubünden, Switzerland. This mountain pass sits at a grand altitude of 2,066 m (6,778 ft.) above sea level and links the Hinterrhein and the Mesolcina (Misox) valleys between Thusis (Graubünden) and Bellinzona (Ticino). This road is more of a thrill ride than a pleasure ride and challenges those driving with a labyrinth if sharp twists and turns, 18 hairpin bends (9% incline), and a vertical slope just below the Mittaghorn. Nevertheless, the exquisite and continually shifting landscape makes this pass well worth traveling. There’s a hospice located at the summit and a small pristine lake for those that want to pause and enjoy the area. Traffic has been reduced since the initiation of the San Bernardino road tunnel, but be mindful when driving - as the tunnel is very narrow. This pass road is only accessible during the summer.
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