Pass dal Fuorn

Country Switzerland
From Zernez
To Santa Maria Val Müstair
Length 35,1km
Highest elevation 2.151m
Lowest elevation 1.379m
Pass Dal Fuorn (also known as Ofenpass or Passo del Forno in Italian) is a Swiss Alps mountain pass positioned at an elevation of 2,149 m (7,051 ft.) above sea level in the district of Graubünden in Switzerland. This high alpine mountain road links Zernez in Eugadin valley with Val Müstair and intersects the Swiss National Park - which the largest and the only national park in the country. Placed in one of the most attractive regions of Switzerland, those driving are offered a bendy pathway of serpentines, expansive switchbacks and the exquisite mountain forest backdrop. This pass is generally accessible all year around, but can be subject to closure if snow is not cleared from the road. Motorists are warned to extremely mindful of the speed limit - as local police like to hang out in discreet locations with a radar gun and give tickets to those going too fast.
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