Country Switzerland
From Airolo
To Altsaage
Length 37,3km
Highest elevation 2.481m
Lowest elevation 1.144m
The Nufenen Pass (Passo della Novena in Italian) is a central Swiss high mountain pass located in the Ticino/Valais region of the Switzerland. This mountain pass sits an altitude of 2,478 m above sea level and lies in amongst the summits Pizzo Gallina (north direction) and Nufenstock (south direction) - linking the Ticino to the Rhone Valley. Those driving can feast their eyes on an exquisite view of the Bernese Alps if taking the north route and the majesty of the Gries, Glacier is traveling south. Traverls coast along a paved road of minimal hairpins, deep curves and steep inclines that drift into a scenic slideshow of miniature valleys leading into mountains - quite the visual treat for leisure bikers. Motorists should also be aware that if traveling from Ulrichen - the road is level for the first 800 m and then deeps in a steep 9% decline. This pass is accessible from July to October, but unavailable everyway from 6pm till 6am.
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