Country Switzerland
From Maloja
To Casaccia
Length 5,4km
Highest elevation 1.818m
Lowest elevation 1.460m
This mountain pass sits high in the Swiss Alps in the region of Graubünden at an altitude of 1,815 m (5,955 ft.) above sea level. Maloja Pass (Passo del Maloja) connects Engadine with Switzerland based Val Bregaglia and Chiavenna in Italy, and marks the watershed amid the Danube and Po basins. Travelers take this pass down a steep circuitous course through the wide-ranging arcs of isolated mountain villages’ right into the lively Chiavenna - which hosts some delicious Italian cuisine and gourmet red wine for those who want to stop and indulge a bit. Bergell is another worthy stop along the way and is said to be an exquisite haven for mountaineers and hikers. This pass is open throughout the year, but snowfalls can interfere with its winter availability - so travelers should be mindful of weather conditions before commuting. Snow tires or chains are also a necessity for those driving this road in winter.
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