Country Switzerland
From Biasca
To Disentis/Mustér
Length 61,4km
Highest elevation 1.978m
Lowest elevation 303m
Lukmanier Pass (Passo del Lucomagno) sits at an altitude of 1,915 m (6,283 ft.) in Graubünden/Ticino, Switzerland. This Swiss Alps mountain pass is one of the highest paved roads in Switzerland and connects the northern region Grisons with the southern region of Ticino. This road is known a biker’s paradise and motorcyclists can enjoy a pleasure ride on a well-developed road of gliding serpentines with majestic snowcapped mountains as a backdrop. Hospezi Santa Maria is located at the highest point of the pass and those looking for a pit stop can enjoy some local cuisine out on a beautiful sun balcony. From there, coast on down through Santa Maria Valley and into the village of Olivone - where a maze of winding roads leads to a beautiful dam with a lake. This pass is generally available all year around, but the pass goes through some potential avalanches that - even during the summer - so those driving should be cautious.
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