Country Switzerland
From Tiefencastel
To Silvaplana
Length 43,1km
Highest elevation 2.284m
Lowest elevation 854m
Julier Pass (also known as Passo del Giulia) rests at an altitude of 2,284 m (7,493ft.) in the Abula Range of the Swiss Alps. This high mountain pass joins the Engadin valley with the rest of Graubünden and positioned between the Piz Lagrev Mountain and Piz Julier Mountain. A series of serpentine twists takes travelers through the deep hills of Chur, Switzerland’s oldest town, before moving down into the Alpine oasis Lenzerhiede - which offers a wonderland of spectacular sights and recreational activities for visitors. The Julier is generally open all year around, but it is not accessible if there is a snow blockage. Those traveling this route should also come prepared with winter tires or snow chains in the event of severe weather conditions. Tiefencastel and Silvaplana are 2 routes that can be taken to reach the highest point of this pass and both offer numerous options for those who want to continue the journey.
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