Grosser St. Bernhard

Country Switzerland
From Bourg-Saint-Pierre
To Cerisey
Length 16,0km
Highest elevation 2.475m
Lowest elevation 1.776m
In the heart of Valais, Switzerland at an altitude of 2,469 m (8,100 ft.) above sea level lays Grosser St. Bernhard Pass (also known as The Great St. Bernard). This mountain pass is renowned for its hospice that used St. Bernard dogs in rescue operations and holds rank as the third highest road in the Swiss Alps - joining Martigny of Valais in Switzerland with Aosta Valley in Italy. Those taking the Aosta route can journey through panoramic mountain backdrops, rich ascents and a winding design of hairpin bends and serpentines. The lower region of this road hosts a series of tunnels and has a pretty heavy traffic flow, so it’s recommended that those driving take the turn off leading to old route to avoid the traffic congestion and enjoy a smoother ride. This road in inaccessible from November to June and is known for hefty snowfall - so traveling this pass should be mindful of the weather conditions before commuting.
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