Country Switzerland
From Airolo
To Hospental
Length 23,5km
Highest elevation 2.118m
Lowest elevation 1.166m
The St. Gotthard Pass is a high mountain located in the Alps and the connection point of northern and southern Switzerland. Gotthard is placed at 2,106 m (6,909 ft.) above the sea level and is crossed by three key traffic tunnels: the Gotthard Rail Tunnel (1882), the Gotthard Road Tunnel (1980) and the Gotthard Base Tunnel (2016). It amongst the highest mountain passes of the Alps and provides a magnificent terrain of staggering declines and meandering twists and turns that upholds its thrill-seeking reputation. Once at the top of the summit, travelers that want to indulge in the history of the pass and the efforts to make it more accessible might find the National Gotthard Museum to be of interest - as well as the Museo Nazionale del San Gottardo, which is located in the old hospice alongside the road. This pass is accessible from June to October and closed every day from 6pm to 8am. Travelers should also be cautious when driving at night and when it’s wet - as this pass is said to be dangerous during those times.
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