Col de la Forclaz

Countries Switzerland & France
From Martigny
To Charmonix Mont Blanc
Length 43,2km
Highest elevation 1.531m
Lowest elevation 461m
Col de la Forclaz can be found in the Alps in Valias, Switzerland and is positioned at 1,527 m (5,010 ft.) above sea level. This great mountain pass connects the French-speaking district of Martigny and Le Châtelard (Finhaut) and is heavily traveled by French motorcyclists. Drivers taking this road should be warned that this route has a history of being frequented by smugglers - so radar checks by the Swiss police are the norm. The pass is usually open in the winter months, but can be closed on the occasion of extreme weather conditions. So those wanting to get to the Chamonix-Mont-Blanc resort area should check with the tourist office before traveling - as an arduous detour around Lake Geneva would be necessary to get to this region. The condition of the road varies from Swiss side of the pass to the French side, but nonetheless - the journey through offers a smooth ride of easy winding turns and a superb view into the pristine Valais valley.
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