Country Switzerland
From Poschiavo
To Pontresina
Length 33,9km
Highest elevation 2.328m
Lowest elevation 1.012m
The Bernina Pass (Italian: Passo del Bernina) sits at an elevation of 2,328 m (7,638 ft.) in Switzerland’s largest canton Graubünden, Switzerland. This mountain pass starts in the north and is the connection point for the renowned Alpine resort St. Moritz in Eugadine and the Italian-speaking region of the Swiss, Val Postavio. The Bernina Express is said to be one of the most exquisite train journeys in the world, but for those wanting to take a more thrilling voyage - traveling by car or motorcycle offers a smooth, well developed terrain of serpentines with the least amount of narrow passageways. Roads can become very slick when it’s raining, so motorcyclists are warned to take extreme caution and drive mindfully on the track. The southern region of Bernina Pass is a scenic dream and home to the pristine Lake Poschiavo. Travel this route in the fall for a glimpse of the exquisite autumn landscape and Italian-influenced architecture.
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