Country Switzerland
From La-Punt
To Filisur
Length 30,4km
Highest elevation 2.310m
Lowest elevation 1.029m
With an elevation of 2,315 m (7, 595 ft.) above sea level, this Swiss mountain pass offers those traveling through a terrain that is both picturesque and risky. The Albula pass (also known as Passo dell’Albula) is located in Graubünden, Switzerland and links Chur - the capital of Grison - to the small Upper Engadin town of La Punt. Travelers can go through Bergün, Tiefencastel or La Punt to reach the highest point of the summit, but extreme care should be taken when driving - as the acute bends in the road wind up a steep incline that may pose a challenge to vehicles attempting to fit through its narrow, rugged passage ways. Despite being one of the most daring roads in the Alps, the Albula pass is a spectacular landscape of snowcapped mountain views and pause worthy wildlife sightings if one is willing to travel slowly. Be mindful of the weather if you’re planning to back across the Albula pass - as it is notorious for receiving a few inches of snow.
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