Penser Joch

Country Italy
From Sterzing
To Sarentino
Length 47,9km
Highest elevation 2.214m
Lowest elevation 942m
The Penser Joch Pass (Passo di Pènnes) can be found in northern Italy in South Tyrol (proximate to Jaufen Pass) and is positioned at an altitude of 2,211 m (7,254 ft.) above sea level. This pass is crossed by the Strada Statale 508 and is the shortest road between Innsbruck (the capital city of Tyrol) and Bolzano. This route offers a flawless view of the Sarntal Alps and a smooth ride on a bendy and spacious road with dreamy mountain farmhouses and charming miniature towns as the backdrop. There are a few possible routes to enter the Penser Joch Pass; if approaching from Bolzano - the journey will course north alongside the river into a maze of turns and countless rock tunnels up to the highest point of the summit; those approaching from across Ritten Mountain are met with tapered roads and countless serpentines alongside vertical cliffs that lead right down into Sarntal Valley. Either route offers a beautiful scenic journey. This pass is accessible from June-November.
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