Passo Gavia

Country Italy
From Bormio
To Pezzo
Length 40,1km
Highest elevation 2.621m
Lowest elevation 1.198m
The Gavia Pass (Passo di Gavia) stands at an altitude of 2,621 m (8,599 ft.) above sea level and lies in the Lombardy region of Italy. Ranked as the tenth highest paved road in Europe and dubbed one of the most challenging climbs (next to the Stelvio Pass) - this high mountain pass is not for the faint of heart. This pass is distinguished by some the steepest gradients and includes maniacal terrain of constricted curves, hairpins, and at some points - an extremely narrow road the width of one lane. The abrupt vertical drops in most areas and the lack of guardrails make this pass very dangerous - as no barrier exist to stop the descent of a plummeting car. Extreme care must be taken when driving - especially when it is wet or dark. Despite having to be cautious when traveling - the landscape is exquisite once at the top of the summit and the descending down into Santa Caterina Valfurva and Bormio make the challenge of going up well worth it. The Gavia Pass is inaccessible from October through June, but can be closed at any point if road is not cleared of snow.
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