Passo di Lavazé

Country Italy
From Ponte Nova Birchabdruck
To Cavalese
Length 23,0km
Highest elevation 1.820m
Lowest elevation 882m
Passo di Lavazé is located in the Italian region of Trentino (with South Tyrol just 800 meters south of the border) and is positioned at an altitude of 1,808 m (5,920 ft.) above sea level. This high mountain pass unites the Val de Fiemme and the Val d’Ega in the Bolzano region and is a favorite among cross-country skiers in the winter and hiker and mountain bike riders during the summer months. Travelers are taken through a thick forest at the onset of the pass and then transition into a slow incline of serpentine combinations making this road the perfect freedom ride. A plethora of mountain guesthouses can found at the summit - as well as tranquil stop-off with a small lake for those who want to pause and relax. Approaching from the south ramp of the pass takes travelers over vast meadowlands and offers an exquisite view of Val de Fiemme. Traffic is pretty mild and this pass is accessible all year around.
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