Passo di Croce Domini

Country Italy
From Bazena
To Giogo del Maniva
Length 19,5km
Highest elevation 2.138m
Lowest elevation 1.639m
The Croce Domini Pass (Passo di Crocedomini in Italian) can be found in the district of Lombardy in Italy and sits at an altitude of 1,892 m (6,207 ft.) above sea level. This high mountain pass links the Lago d'Idro in the southeast and the Lago d'Iseo in the southwest is navigated by the Strada Provinziale 345B - one of the most challenging and dangerous roads in the region. The road is 17.4 km in length and hosts a gravel surface and a series of high rugged cliffs that are not shielded by guardrails - so those traveling this road are instructed to take extreme care and adhere to the 20 km/h speed limit. The Rifugio Lagazoui rests atop the summit and offers awe-inspiring views of the Dolomite peaks. It’s also a famous conference spot for motorcyclists who participate in the motorcycle rally event at the end of July and revere this pass for its narrow roadways. This pass is not available for travel from November-May.
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