Passo di Campolongo

Country Italy
From Corvara
To Arabba
Length 10,0km
Highest elevation 1.880m
Lowest elevation 1.522m
The Campolongo Pass (Passo di Campolongo in Italian) is located in the Dolomite region of Trentino, Italy and rests at an altitude of 1,875 m (6,152 ft.) above sea level. This mountain pass links the town of Corvara in Val Badia with Arabba in a precise north-south direction and joins the list as being one of the highest paved roads in Europe. This pass hosts a spectacular view of the majestic Marmolada glacier and takes those driving through easy bends and curves and lavish pastures as one travels up the summit. Travelers will be met with a series of tight hairpins and steep gradients if starting from Corvara, but the climb eases in the last 3 km and the scenic journey through a set of lush emerald mountain meadows makes traveling this route well worth it. There are a variety of routes that be taken to reach the summit and accessibility is open all year around.
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