Passo delle Palade

Country Italy
From Lana (Südtirol, Italien)
To Fondo (Trentino, Italien)
Length 30,9km
Highest elevation 1.528m
Lowest elevation 319m
Gampen Pass (Passo delle Palade in Italian; Gampenpass in German) is a great mountain pass in the South Tyrol region of northern Italy and is positioned at an altitude of 1,518 m (4,980 ft.) above sea level. This asphalted road is navigated via the Strada Statale 238 and runs from the south region of Fondo up to the village of Lana with Merano resting in the north. This pass is the ultimate joy ride for motorcyclists and bikers due to the exquisite views of the valley along the way and passageway through a dense mountain forest that’s nothing less than magical. Stop in the vibrant Merano - dubbed one of the most beautiful cities in Tyrol and renowned for its spa resorts - for a day of indulgence, mild weather and a multicultural atmosphere. Cermes, Fondo and Lana di Sopra are 3 routes that can be taken to reach the summit. The Gampen Pass is available for travel all year around.
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