Passo della Mendola

Country Italy
From Ronzone
To San Michele
Length 22,6km
Highest elevation 1.373m
Lowest elevation 404m
The Mendel Pass (Passo della Mendola; Mendelpass) rests between the outlying areas of Trentino and South Tyrol in Italy and is positioned at an altitude of 1,362 meters above sea level. The pass road begins in the village of Fondo in the northern Italian region and ends in the southwest region of the city of Bolzano. Those traveling this road progress through an expansive maze of sweeping turns, 15 hairpin bends, easy gradients and unforgettable mountain views - making this route the perfect leisure ride for motorists and bikers. Tourism is one of the distinguishing elements of this pass and there is a plethora of eateries, terrace cafes and inns for those that want to stop and unwind. This pass is accessible all year around, but those driving need to take extreme caution due to the cliffs overhanging pass - which become even more dangerous when the ice begins to melt. Trailers are also prohibited on this road
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