Monte Frerone

Country Italy
From Bagolino
To Astrio
Length 35,1km
Highest elevation 1.933m
Lowest elevation 714m
The Monte Frerone sits at elevation of 1,933 meters above sea level and located in Province of Brescia in Lombardy, Italy. The mountains along this great pass take on the form of a pyramid and are distinguished by brightly hued limestone and granite stones. From the summit - this pass provides exquisite views of the low and middle Camonica Valley, the Adamello Group, the Bergamo Alps, and the distant Bernine Group if the sky isn’t too cloudy. This pass is also a favorite among those that like to indulge in hiking and offers a challenging terrain and an invigorating climb. The Monte Frerone is accessible all year around, but for those traveling this route - mid-June to late October is said to be the most favorable time of the year. There is a possibility of avalanches towards the middle of the valley - so those driving are cautioned to take care.
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