Country Italy
From Sterzing
To St. Leonhard in Passeier
Length 36,6km
Highest elevation 2.099m
Lowest elevation 687m
This high mountain pass is positioned in the Alps of the South Tryol in Italy at an altitude of 2,094 m (6,870 ft.) above sea level and is known at the Jaufen Pass (also Passo di Monte Giovo). The road over this pass links the Eisacktal valley on the east with the Passeiertal valley on the west and it is the furthest towards the north - rooting it completely in Italy. The Jaufen takes those traveling her road through a series of narrow meandering curves, an abundance of switchbacks and a magnificent mountain view - making it a favorite for motorcyclists. Once at the highest point of the summit - a small inn overlooking the Passeier Valley and food service bar is available for those looking to stop and replenish. Those traveling from the Italian side can enjoy a toll-free road, but drivers are forewarned that there is significant traffic with exiting Saint Leonhard - so be cautious when driving down. The Jaufen Pass is accessible from May-November.
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