Giogo del Maniva

Country Italy
From Bagolino
To San Colombano
Length 21,3km
Highest elevation 1.656m
Lowest elevation 710m
Gingo del Maniva (also known as Step of Maniva or Yoke Maniva) stands at an elevation of 1,654 m above sea level and ranks high on the list of highest paved roads in Europe. Located in Lombardy, Italy in the Brescia province—this high mountain pass represents the natural boundary between Val Trompia and the Caffaro Valley and is a prominent ski area. Those commuting from the west region via state road 345 will find the ride to be rather rough due to the grainy terrain. Although this road offers a scenic ride through 4 small tunnels with breathtaking views of the Bergamo Alps, travelers should drive cautiously - as this area has a reputation for falling rocks. This pass is inaccessible from November to May, but can be closed at any time if weather conditions are severe. Those traveling by car should also be aware that if the vehicle measures pass the width of 2,50 m and the height of 3,20 m - the vehicle will not be allowed access.
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