Countries Germany & Austria
From Bad Hindelang
To Weißenbach
Length 32,8km
Highest elevation 1.177m
Lowest elevation 809m
This tall mountain pass is positioned at an altitude of 1,178 m (3,865 ft.) above sea level and located in the Allgäu Alps just one kilometer west of the Austrian boundary. The Oberjach Pass (Oberjachpass in German) is the second highest mountain pass after Riedbrrgpass and takes travelers through an undemanding route of twisty, yet pleasant serpentines and gorgeous mountain views - making this the most ideal pleasure ride for motorists and bikers. The West ramp known for hosting some heavy traffic - so that is the only downside of traveling this pass. Oberjach is said to be one of the healthiest passes to travel through due the low percentage of dust mites and pollen - so those traveling can breathe easy and enjoy an allergy-free climate. The picturesque walking routes are also another point of interest for those wanting to get out of the car or off their motorcycle and enjoy some nature time. This pass is toll-free and generally accessible all year around.
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