Countries Germany & Austria
From Lenggries
To Achenkirch
Length 30,1km
Highest elevation 924m
Lowest elevation 677m
This mountain pass is located in Bavaria, Germany in the southwest junction of the Miesbach District. Achen Pass is situated at an elevation of 941 m (3,075 ft.) above sea level and is the dividing point between the watershed of Danube and the Inn (a river that separates Switzerland, Austria and Germany). This pass road was the commercial route in the 1940s for transporting salt into Munich, but as the 19th century rolled around - the world of tourism provided a significant turning point. Travelers commuting west can experience a magnificent scenic ride as they pass over the Sylvestein Dam and stop for a hike, climb or a refreshing dip in the river if they choose - or head 50 kilometers southeast into the picturesque Tegernsee Valley for a plethora for recreational and outdoor activities that take place in the winter and summer months. Whether one is driving or riding a motorcycle, Achen Pass provides a curvaceous route from spring to autumn that is definitely worth the journey.
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