Col du Telegraphe

Country France
From St. Michel de Maurienne
To Valloire
Length 17,3km
Highest elevation 1.562m
Lowest elevation 717m
This French Alps mountain pass is stands at 1,566 meters (5,138 ft.) above sea level and is located amongst the eastern region of the massif d'Arvan-Villards and the massif des Cerces. Col du Télégraphe connects the communes Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne and Valloire and is also an entrance point to one of the highest paved roads in the Alps: Col de Galibier. This high mountain pass has a steep incline (856 m ascent) through forested roads and 14 hairpin turns - making it a much sought after route for motorcyclists who love a challenging terrain. A series of serpentines lead travelers directly into the renowned ski village of Valliore, which includes a plethora of restaurants and winter sport activities for those who want to stop and enjoy. The Fort du Télégraphe is another point of interest for those traveling this pass and is a fortress that sits at the top of the summit - hence how Col du Télégraphe got its name. Visitation is open in the summer months. Drivers can take the road D902 and unless there are weather restrictions - this pass is usually open all year is around.
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