Col du Petit Saint-Bernard

Countries Italy & France
From Pre Saint Didier
To Bourg Saint Maurice
Length 48,8km
Highest elevation 2.196m
Lowest elevation 809m
Col du Petit Saint-Bernard (The Little St Bernard Pass) is located in the Alps on the French-Italy boarder between Savoie, France and Aosta Valley, Italy. This mountain pass is positioned at 2,188 meters above sea level and was given its name by the passionate traveler Adelssprössling Bernhard, whom also built the Petit-Saint-Bernard Hospice. The French region of this pass offers spectacular views of the valley and a series of abandoned buildings that sit atop the summit. Motorcyclists and those driving can look forward to a well-built road of winding turns and tunnels, but be forewarned that the Italian region of this pass hosts the most severe hairpins. This pass is normally open all year around depending on weather conditions - which can make the pass inaccessible from the months of October to June. Travelers can take the Bourg-Saint-Maurice route (in France) or the Pré-Saint-Didier (in Italy) to reach Col du Petit Saint-Bernard
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