Col de la Bonette & Restefond

Country France
From Jausiers
To St. Etienne de Tinee
Length 47,3km
Highest elevation 2.702m
Lowest elevation 1.144m
Col de la Bonette & Restefond is often confused with one another due to their proximity, but Col de Restefond is actually a passageway (approximately 1 km from the summit) over Col de la Bonnette. While both are located on the border of Alpes-Maritimes and Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France - their height is what sets them apart. Positioned near the border of Italy, Col de Restefond rises to an elevation of 2,680 m (8,790ft.) - while its companion Col de la Bonette is situated at an astonishing 2,715 m (8,907 ft.) above sea level and is one of the highest paved routes in the Alps. Astoundingly - the ascension is not as difficult as one would imagine the highest road in Europe to be and those driving this pass are greeted with a smooth surface and a spectacular contrasting landscape. The descent down the pass proves to be more trying and the road begins to resemble that of a race course than of a mountain pass, but nevertheless - this route is an enjoyable drive for those who don’t mind a little challenge. Those driving the Col de Restefond pass should also be aware that this road is usually inaccessible from November to May due to ice and snow.
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