Turracher Höhe

Country Austria
From Predlitz
To Reichenau
Length 27,8km
Highest elevation 1.799m
Lowest elevation 928m
The Turracher Höhe Pass (also known as Turracherhöhe) can be found in the Gurkal Alps of Austria and is separated from the village and Turracher Lake by the federal states of Styriaand and Carinthia. Positioned at an altitude of 1,795 m (5,889 ft.) above sea level and a gradient of up 34% - this high mountain pass was at one point considered the steepest Alpine road in Europe. Those driving this pass are surrounded by expansive Austrian pine forests and an exquisite view of the Nockberge Mountains. Those that love hiking, running, mountain biking and other outdoor recreational activities (including winter sports) or just simply want to pause and spend some time in nature will find this area enjoyable. Weather conditions can fluctuate on this pass, but the road is kept up to par and cleared of snow in the winter - making road closer a rare event. The Turracher Höhe Pass is accessible all year around.
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