Country Austria
From Innerkrems
To Reichenau
Length 33,5km
Highest elevation 2.054m
Lowest elevation 1.082m
The Nockalmstraße pass in the federal state of Carinthia in the southern region of Austria and sits at an altitude of 2,049 m above sea level. This great mountain pass offers a breathtaking pleasure ride through Europe’s one and only national park and is distinguished by a geological rarity of curved summits (known as Nocken) - which is the most unique in the entire region of the Alps. Whether driving or riding a motorcycle - this mountain pass is a worthy trip. The moderate bends of the road and picturesque landscape of emerald peaks and expansive pastures is what keeps those have graced this route returning again and again. Travelers should expect to pay a toll-fee, but the upside of this pass is that is has minimal traffic - so it’s the perfect route for motorists who desire a smooth ride on an uncrowded road. This road is normally accessible from May-October, but dates may fluctuate- so plan accordingly before making travel arrangements.
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