Malta Hochalpenstraße

Country Austria
From Koschach
To Berghotel Malta
Length 17,8km
Highest elevation 1.910m
Lowest elevation 838m
The Malta High Alpine Road (Malta Hochalpenstraße) is placed in Carinthia, Austria and climbs to an altitude of 1,900 meters above sea level. Renowned as one of the most remarkable roads in the Austrian Alps, this 14.4 km stretched road is distinguished by its six natural- stone passageways, vertical descents and meandering twists and bends that take those traveling on an unforgettable ride. This pass is also the main route to the Kölnbrein dam wall - which is one of the highest dam walls in Austria and measures in at a height of 200 m, a length of 600 m, and a width of 41 m. This is an extremely pleasurable ride for motorists that not only offer a thrilling terrain, but awe-inspiring backdrops of nature and exquisite waterfalls for those looking for camera worthy shots. Traffic lights are positioned at the narrowest point of the pass to ensure road safety and this pass is available to travel from May-October, between 7am-6pm.
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