Hochtannberg Pass

Country Austria
From Unterboden
To Warth
Length 11,3km
Highest elevation 1.684m
Lowest elevation 1.163m
The Hochtannberg Pass (Hochtannbergstraße) is rooted in the Austrian Alps in the Bundesland of Vorarlberg and rises to an altitude of 1,676 m (5,599 ft.) above sea level. This great mountain pass unites the Lech River valley proximate to Warth with the valley of Bregenzer Ache proximate Schoppernau. The ascent of this pass begins in the beautiful village of Au in the Bregenz Forest - with Furkajoch pass and Faschinanoch pass to the right and straight up to Hochtannberg. The west region of the summit hosts a sharp descent and roads that are in fairly good condition. This route will lead right in to the dreamy and off the beaten track village of Warth (the second smallest municipality in Vorarlberg)—where travelers can indulge in a leisurely stop of cafes, beautiful landscape, and inns if they are seeking accommodation. The Hochtannberg pass is frequented by bikers and pedestrians - putting radar controls by the local police in full effect. Motorcyclists are encouraged to be mindful of people crossing the road and do the speed limit.
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