Hahntennjoch Pass

Country Austria
From Elmen
To Imst
Length 29,8km
Highest elevation 1.895m
Lowest elevation 795m
Hahntennjoch Pass (Hahntennjoch Passh├Âhe) rests in the Austrian Alps in the Bundesland of Tyrol at an altitude of 1,894 m (6,214 ft.). This high mountain pass joins the upper valley of the Inn River with Lech River Valley and is a famous route for motorcyclists. This road hosts a winding terrain of sheer ascents with infinite twists and turns that is stimulating for those seeking a thrill-ride. Spectacular sights of valleys imprinted with glaciers, mountain peaks, heavily forested areas are just some of the scenic treats this pass offers. Motorists should use caution when taking the Inn Valley route; as this path courses alongside a cliff and extremely narrow - making accidents very likely if one is not driving mindfully. Hahntennjoch Pass is inaccessible from the November to April, but this can vary depending on weather conditions. This pass is also susceptible to avalanches, mudslides, and tumbling rocks, and can be very hazardous due to the freezing ice that forms on the road. Large signs are posted on both sides of the road as warn and safety precaution for drivers.
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