Country Austria
From St. Anton am Arlberg
To Lech
Length 20,2km
Highest elevation 1.801m
Lowest elevation 1.287m
High in the Austrian Alps in the Bundesland of Vorarlberg lays the Flexen Pass. This mountain pass stands at an elevation of 1,773 meters above sea level and links the upper Lech River valley in the middle of Warth, Lech and the ski resort Zurs to the alpine valley Klostertal. The pass road was established in 1940 and the terrain suffered a history of mudslides and avalanches before a new road was inaugurated. The road vanishes into a very dated avalanche tunnel about 100 meters behind the pass summit and it said to be in very poor condition - so travelers should be mindful when driving through. The Flexen pass can be accessed all year long and has single lane traffic that is managed by a traffic light system. Motorcyclists can also enjoy a relaxed pit stop in Lech (located in Vorarlberg) and take in the great alpine horizons and breathtaking meadows that this beautiful mountain village has to offer.
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