Dientnersattel and Filzensattel

Country Austria
From Saalfelden am steinernen Meer
To Bischofshofen
Length 39,9km
Highest elevation 1.372m
Lowest elevation 545m
Dientnersattel and Filzensattel is located in Austria and is positioned at an elevation of 1,372 meters. This pass is the perfect route to travel due to a minimum amount of traffic and offers stunning views of vertical cliffs, wide-ranging mountain pastures, and a curvy, well-developed roadway that is fairly simple to navigate. Travelers can enjoy the beautiful landscape of Saalfelden and Bischofshofen on the way to this pass - and the spectacular and picturesque mountain backdrop of Hochkönig (engl. High King) can be viewed from this route as well. High King is also the home to famous Arthur house, a rustic restaurant with panoramic views and a worthy stop for visitors looking to experience a taste of the local cuisine. Those traveling this pass won’t experience any wide expansive sweeps, but the 40 km of curvaceous uncomplicated roadway is what makes Dientnersattel and Filzensattel a pure scenic joy and pleasure to explore. This is pass is accessible all year around.
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